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MyMiniFactory Academy – 3D Design and Printing

Do you want to become an expert in 3D design and 3D printing?  Of course you do!  To make this dream a reality, you won’t want to miss the chance to enter the MyMiniFactory Academy


The MyMiniFactory Academy is the first school dedicated to 3D design and printing, where courses are taught by both industry and 3d printing experts.  Don’t worry, this isn’t  training in the theory of printing, this is a hands-on collaboration experience where you will gain the best skills to become employable in the 3D printing industry, or to optimize your  home design and printing projects.

So, what does it take to be part of this inaugural group of students?  You’ll have to be able to start classes on the 19th of January, be located around the London area and have 3 months to commit to this training.  Can’t make it to London?  MyMiniFactory is looking to expand in the New Year to include areas such as New York, so stay tuned for a location near you!




So how does Fusion 360 tie into this you ask?  Well of course it is the tool of choice when coming to 3D design, especially in the field of 3D printing!  During the first class on January 19th, there will be a live session demonstrating how Fusion 360 can be used for your designs, and then show just how quickly you can make those designs a reality with 3D printing.  Can’t make it to the training?  No worries, you can catch live training every week with the Fusion 360 Live Classroom trainings.


Have additional questions about the MyMiniFactory Academy, when it will be coming to a location near you or what will be taught?  Check out the Academy website, or feel free to reach out directly at  Do you have questions about Fusion 360 or how to use it to create your 3D printing designs?  Post to this thread, follow up on the Fusion 360 forums or reach out to me directly at


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