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Megabots Design Contest This Month! $2500 cash prizes.


Puny humans, your sports are boring. Robots of the future do not care about the “Super” Bowl or truely terrible 2nd and goal offensive play calling. In the future all plays are executed perfectly by 15 ft robot gladiators who throw within 3 mm precision. Footballs are made from “non-deflating” 50lbs of solid steel. “#Beastmode” is literally a dial setting. The future of sport is headed to San Francisco right now from Boston. They are called Megabots and they need your help designing what’s next! 




We’re excited to announce that our joint contest with Megabots and Autodesk 360 is now live! Enter to win two $2,500 cash prizes to design either the exterior shell of a MegaBot, or a full-scale, reloading pneumatic cannon weapon system. In addition to a cash prize, the MegaBots team will BUILD the winning entries of the two contests at Autodesk’s Pier 9 makerspace, and will show off your creations at the Bay Area Maker Faire in May!


Megabots A360 Challenge

Here’s a link to the full contest details:


Megabots are headed out to San Francisco as we speak!




Challenge #1: Design a robot.


Your task is to design a robotic exoskeleton to fit over top of a modified HR-0S5 Humanoid Research Platform robot. Don’t worry about how to make it. Just design it to be exceptional. For the creative types this should be right in your wheel house. We’re going to build the best two.


Challenge #2: Engineer Megabot’s left cannon


Engineer Megabot’s left arm cannon.  The right arm fires a softball sized paintball pellet.  You need to come up with something even better! Make sure it’s manufacturable because they’re going to build it.

To be clear, Megabots, Autodesk A360 and Autodesk Fusion 360 are running not one, but TWO, contests to help get giant fighting robots one step closer to reality. The contest pairing is called the “Megabot A360 Challenge” and it’s live today and runs until February 28. Go sign up!


Hit us up in the comments if you have questions. Let’s do this!


Good luck,


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