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Manufacturing from Your Desktop with Fusion 360 and Boxzy

The new startup Kinetigear will launch its first offering, BOXZY, today on Kickstarter. This versatile machine is built to fit any space, whether you have a garage or just a desktop. Three Quick-change attachments—CNC mill, 3D printer, and laser engraver—easily swap, transforming BoXZY into a different machine. A powerful, 1¼ horsepower desktop CNC mill easily unclips so you can quickly change BoXZY into an incredibly precise 3D printer or laser engraver. If backers get to the Kickstarter early, they can get BoXZY for as little as $1,399.00. 


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Did I mention that features like the quick unclip exchange of BoXZY was developed using the Start-up licensing option available with Fusion 360?  In case you’re worried that quick-change means that your BoXZY will lose power and precision: it won’t. BoXZY maintains a maximum precision of 4 microns (.00016”), and it doesn’t matter which machine you choose to make BoXZY. All aluminum moving components ride on industrial ball screws that are caged in a ¼ inch 6061 aluminum frame, maintaining build precision and reliability through robustness.



You can build more with BoXZY. BoXZY easily mills complex shapes in brass, aluminum, plastics, and hardwoods. It 3D prints with almost any filament you can purchase. The laser cutter slices through balsa and other thin woods eagerly, and will engrave photos on hardwood, leather, and plastic with incredible accuracy. And of course, BoXZY has been tuned to work with Fusion 360, Inventor, and 123D and is compatible with almost any available open-source platform. If you want to help back BOXZY, check them out here, and keep up to date on their progress on Twitter.




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