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Karmic Bikes 90 Day Challenge – What have we been up to?

It’s been a while since we put out an update but that is because we were so busy working on the bike, that we didn’t have time to write about it – and we’re seeing that as a good thing!

To kick off this update, we want to share a short video that we recently worked on, and in true startup fashion, we shot it in Hong’s garage!



A lot has happened in the last two months, and we’re even more excited about what is coming next! Let’s start there…



The Karmic Kickstarter campaign will be launching in the first week of May. We’re all heads down trying to get all the loose ends tied up before that goes live. We will push out an update here once it’s live so that you can continue to follow the journey of Karmic Bikes.


Crowdsourced Design

We spoke about an element of the design being crowdsourced. That would be the battery enclosure for the bike. There are plans for a Karmic Kit which would allow you to convert any bike to electric power by using the Karmic battery and motor. So there are a few different and exciting elements which will make room for customizing your very own Bike.


Now, for an update on what we have been up to…


Trip to Taiwan

Our focus here is not just to build a great bike, but to set ourselves up well to scale up the business, especially with the Kickstarter campaign around the corner. Hong was in Taiwan doing just that! Did you know that Taipei City is the heart of the bicycle industry and 99% of bicycles are made in Asia? Hong was in the middle of all that action at the Taipei International Cycle Show. He also visited the motor manufacturer to make sure their production line was set up to deliver Karmic bikes to our early adopters.




Featured on Tech Crunch

Karmic Bikes was also featured on Tech Crunch in the end of March. In this interview Hong talks about the performance details of the Bike as well as the price points that it will be made available at. Read more here.


Progress on the Bike

We have the Karmic Koben designed in Fusion which includes integrating the frame from AutoCAD, the battery from Solidworks and the motor from a CAD neutral format into one environment that lets us put them together and make sure that they will function as intended. I hope to be doing an entire post on the design of the bike in the next couple of weeks, but to give you an idea…..we started from here…




 And got to this bike…

Karmic Render.jpg


Challenges with Hardware

With all the action, came some challenges, and with all the challenges, came a lot of learning. Hong took some time to write up some of the challenges of a Hardware Startup. In this article he talks about the importance of building your own prototypes, scaling from ‘works-like’ prototypes to ‘looks-like’ prototypes and asking customers what type of bike they would like to ride.


Whew! That was a lot of updates. We’re looking forward to being back soon with more information on Kickstarter, the battery pack design and more detail on how we built the bike in Fusion 360.


Stay tuned!









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