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July 2014 Update: CAM Preview on a Mac

With all the press and attention CAM for Fusion 360 on a Windows Platform has gotten since its debut a couple months back, Fusion 360 Mac Users can now rejoice and leverage all the optimum capabilities CAM for Fusion 360 offers in 2.5D, 3D and 3+2 Machining!


This new Mac Version is not only platform eccentric, but introduces new CAM functionality specifically to Mac Support, along with general enhancements below: 


  • New Tool Library presents a new direction of fit, form and function; offering intelligent tool pairing with different machine strategies. 
  • Added ‘Tab’ Functionality now expands the capabilities of any woodworker or machinist in expanding their manufacturing techniques.
  • 4x the amount of Post Configurations!
  • Added ‘Fixed Size Box’ stock option in the Setup Menu to define stock by its Width x Depth x Height dimensions.


Check out the highlights below! 


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