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Have an idea for Fusion 360?


Share your ideas and product requests in the Idea Station! By sharing and voting on ideas you like (+1 Kudos) you can help us see what suggestions are truly important to you. We’ll be looking at these ideas to drive future updates. Vote to help us make sure we’re working on the requests most important to you.

Please take a moment to look through the ideas and get your votes in by Sunday. Don’t worry, we will be doing this every other week so you have plenty of chances to look through ad get your votes in. The team will be updating ideas, looking for comments, and letting you know which ideas are in the works!

Some tips on sharing and voting on requests in the IdeaStation:

  1. There are three tabs, along the top so you can see top ideasnew ideas (recently created), and hot ideas (ideas with active comments).
  2. You can only vote for an idea once, so no playing games :smileyhappy:, but you can vote for as many ideas as you want.
  3. When entering ideas try and put one idea per post.
  4. When typing in new ideas the subject field will search automatically for similar posts, so you can avoid double ideas.
  5. Ideas should be that, if you have questions post them to the get help forum.
  6. On the right side are labels that you can use to filter ideas to specific areas of the service.

As we implement your requests we’ll track progress on the IdeaStation. Thanks for you help in making Fusion 360 great. No idea is too big or small. Go forth and vote!


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