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Great Meetup in San Francisco – Onward to Boston (Thursday Oct 17)!

Last week the Fusion 360 team was in San Francisco in the creation-space of Techshop. No ping pong this time – just straight up design in an awesome collaborative environment. Over the span of the evening we personally got to chat with designers specializing in lamp design, 3D optics, iPad case design, robotics, industrial cranes, and construction tooling. We had people show up who’d never done ANY solid modeling before! We had a few of our local Inventor user group friends turn up too!

Our star of the evening was Roambotics CEO Scott Menor. He was gracious enough to walk us through his super-cool robotic uni-wheeled security camera.  Their beta announcement is coming pretty soon and we’re all looking forward to where they go next!  (I’m on the mailing list and I cannot wait to get one so I can have it spin around my house and harass my girlfriend’s cats.)  Keqing also got up and talked about some of the upcoming product direction.

When we left the pizza and beer supply was sufficiently exhausted so I think it’s safe to assume the crew had a good time all around. We took some user feedback videos to share with our product, user experience and marketing teams. Thanks so much for your feedback! It’s critical to help us make sure we’re on the right track with our ongoing development and get the most useful product to you.

We are really looking forward to our next meetup Next Thursday (Oct 17) in Boston, MA. We are doing it with our GrabCAD friends at their world headquarters!  Should be an exciting and informative event to talk about the future of collaboration.

Hey, if we keep doing these meetups, what types of events do YOU like best? Are you a ping pong player? Or do you prefer a more formal presentation with pizza? What’s a good evening for you?

Hope to meetup with you soon!

Mike Aubry

Fusion 360 Evangelist














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