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Fusion Tips and Tricks – Lofting



Lately there have been a few questions on the forums about lofting. How do you set them up? In what order do you click? Etc. This week’s tip and tricks video focuses on creating lofts by building a few relatable examples: a whiskey bottle, a ring, and a tent. Using the procedures shown in the video I hope you’ll be able to further your understanding of Fusion 360’s capabilities and add yet another tool into your tool chest to create exceptional designs.




Lofting is a CAD term used to describe the creation of 3D shapes by using profiles, guide lines and rails. They are very commonly used in organically shaped parts that need to be precisely machined. Common examples that use lofts include: orthopedic implants, castings, airfoils and plastic enclosures. Fusion 360 has always had good lofting tools but attention paid to them in the past perhaps played second fiddle to our sculpting tools. This wasn’t so much because they weren’t capable, but more so because our sculpting tools were so widely loved and adopted. Let’s change that and give Fusion lofting some love! You can loft in all the major modeling environments (solid parametric, solid direct, surface, and sculpting). Enjoy the video, post the lofts you endup creating in the gallery, and let us know your comments and questions below.


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