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Fusion Roadtrip: Detroit on Sept 19th

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Hey Fusion Community! 

The Fusion 360 team is going on tour! We’re traveling across the country and we want to meet up with you! (No, seriously.) Come hang out with us!

Our first stop is Detroit, Michigan! 

Thursday, September 19th from 3pm-6pm @THE Detroit Autodesk office. 
RSVP here:

Why should you come?

  • Learn about (and shape) the future of design work.
  • Meet other designers and Fusion Community members. Find collaborators, partners, or just talk shop!
  • Meet the Fusion team. Talk with us, and influence the way your design software works.
  • Share your stories! Let’s amplify how we share out the awesome work you guys are doing, and make Fusion even more collaborative. 
  • Tell us how we can make Fusion 360 – the product itself, your general design workflow, and the community – better for you.
  • Because Fusion is fun!

Can’t wait to meet you guys in-person! See you soon! 

The Fusion 360 Team

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