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Fusion Hangout: Glassware (8/27)


Hi Everyone!  

Our next Fusion 360 Hangout is about Glassware! Lots of great projects have been shared lately in this category. This week we have product designer Stan Hisel and Fusion 360 Product Manger Colin Smith to talk about how they approach their glassware concepts. 

Check out their work:

Also! New and improved hangout format. Thanks for all your feedback. We’re going to try a few of your ideas:

  • No Registration – Just show up! We are trying out a new web meeting tool called Fuze which let’s us do this. Let us know what you think.
  • Shorter Timeslot – You said you want briefer and more consice. Let’s try it! 60 minutes instead of the previous 90 minutes.
  • Industry Relivant Content – You’ve asked for a mix of product exposure and real life examples. Also, we’re going to try an every other week format to help allow for time to schedule more commuinty guests!

As always, we love the input and hearing what you think.  It’s an evolving format and it’s yours.  Let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

Mike and Keqing

WHEN: Tuesday, August 27 |11am -12pm PST
WHERE: No registration needed, just go here when the hangout starts 

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