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Fusion 360 VIP Celebration – Autodesk University 2014

Autodesk University is the single best opportunity for us to show just how much we appreciate our Fusion 360 community members.  This year at the VIP Celebration, I had the pleasure of getting together with over 40 of these top users, and recognizing a few for going above and beyond with their activity in the community.  These awards were given out based on everything from forum participation and gallery uploads, to ongoing efforts to educate newer community members.


The first award of the night was for our “Kudos King” Ron Russell, the community member who has received the most kudos on the forum by other community members in the past year.  Ron has been a great asset to the community and has received 88 kudos so far this year, with 80% of his responses assisting others with questions they have about the software.  What a great guy!!




JD Mather brought home the second trophy of the night, being named “Mr. Fix It.”  More than anyone else over the past year, JD has shared his expertise and provided more solutions to questions on the Fusion 360 forums.  I guess this comes natural for a college professor.  Thanks again JD!


Do you guys remember that awesome 3D printed skull, the October Model of the Month?  Well then it’s no surprise that James Alday was named “Davinci of Da Gallery.”  Take a look at the gallery to see some of the amazing work he’s done in the past year, not to mention the support from the whole community he is receiving.  You can also check him out on Twitter at @ImmersedN3D.




Many other  community leaders were acknowledged for their outstanding efforts in community activities.  Justin Chambers, Matt Stanton and Adam Ellison have all been actively using Fusion 360 and sharing their experiences with the whole community.  Check them out here!  Nick Kloski and Kris Struble also took home the Community Engagement Award for being our first partners helping to train the Fusion 360 community.  Hear what they have to say in this great video!



I can’t express enough how much I am enjoying spending time with some of the Fusion 360 community.  I continue to be inspired by their passion and motivation to help others on their path to becoming a Fusion expert.  And this was only the first night of #AU2014!  Stay tuned for more of the fun, and if you’re at AU let us know how it is going by posting here or Tweeting us at @adskfusion360.

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