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Fusion 360 team does New England!

Hi Everyone!

Mike here. Last week the Fusion team was in New England! Garin Gardiner, Jay Tedeschi and I had the opportunity to do our 4th Fusion Meetup with GrabCAD in seasonally gorgeous Boston, Massachusetts. Big thanks to GrabCAD for hosting! It’s so exciting to see GrabCAD’s progress as they continue to develop their Workbench tool and help make sharing CAD data easier for all of us. One user we met with at the meetup was totally new to CAD. His background was in marketing and had no formal design training. He told us he was having a great time learning Fusion 360 to design a mosaic shower curtain concept. We spent quality time with him and gained tons of insight from his initial experiences. What he showed us was relayed to our team and his input will make it easier for us to make Fusion 360 even easier to use in the future. Thanks to all of you for continuing to tell us what needs to be done.

It’s feedback like this at these events and what you tell us online that’s helping keep us continue to grow… Thanks!

Next up… Rochester, New York, to meetup with our education friends at Rochester Institute of Technology for the 2nd annual Thought at Work Conference.


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What an event! First off, it’s totally student run. They get no help from the faculty. The students do it all in their own time left to their own devices on how best coordinate it. Secondly, it was done really well! This group pulled in an amazing team of premier designers and thought leaders which included:

Additionally, they managed to pull in sponsorships from household names such as: Autodesk, Keyshot, Microsoft, Staach, and Modko. Nice job guys!

Looking to the future…. we love these meetups.  We’re looking at Chicago and New York but are always open to more ideas.  

Where would you want your meetup to be?  

What should we do?

Comment below… We’re listening!!!

– Mike

Mike Aubry

Tech Marketing Manager Fusion 360













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