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Fusion 360 in a Browser (Preview)

Why is it that every time someone needs a design change, I’m not next to my computer?!? Most recently, I was just about to board a flight when my boss asked me to make a change to a design going to production that day. Although I could have used Fusion 360’s offline mode during the flight to keep designing, he needed the design change immediately to start cutting parts. At the time, I was traveling with my lightweight chrome book. I was able to open Fusion 360 in a web browser to make the changes before my 6 hour flight, without having to download the full desktop version of Fusion 360.  Time equals money, right?


Whether you are on the road or onsite with a customer, being removed from your work can delay a project. This is why we brought the Fusion 360 experience to a web browser, bringing us closer to our vision of having access to your design data anywhere, on any device. In the dark ages of traditional CAD, we were forced to use expensive, and massive Windows workstations. Fusion 360 continues to break these limitations – it works on either Mac or PC, can be accessed by our mobile app, and now by a browser. This broadens the types of devices (Linux machines, Chromebooks, etc.) you will be able to use to edit your CAD data giving you unprecedented choice and flexibility. 


This is only the beginning. We are rapidly developing Fusion 360 in a browser and would like to invite you to the first preview of this technology. We want your feedback. So, what are you waiting for? Go try out Fusion 360 in a browser today!


Start Designing in a Browser

  1. Search for
  2. Select “Sign In”
  3. Select “Fusion Team”
  4. Browse through projects to locate a Fusion 360 design
  5. Select “Edit in Browser”


Need more information on how to get started? Check out this FAQ.


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