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Fusion 360 Documentation Beta is ending: What should you do?




To those of you that installed the Fusion 360 Documentation Beta, we will be closing the beta on May 15. We are extremely grateful for all the feedback we received, both positive and constructive. We’ve compiled all of your advice and are currently working on a new and improved set of functionality, which we will be happy to reveal in the near future.



Due to the nature of the Beta environment, we will not migrate your files, so if you’d like access to your data in the future, please download and save your content to your local hard drive. We recommend exporting a PDF of your 2D documentation, as well as exporting a copy of your 3D model. Please use the following steps for saving out your work.


Export PDF of Drawing

  1. Launch Fusion 360 Documentation Beta
  2. Open the drawing you want to save to PDF
  3. Select “Output” from the file menu
  4. Select appropriate settings on the Output dialog


Export of Design Data

  1. Launch Fusion 360 Documentation Beta
  2. Open the design you want to export
  3. Select the hamburger button in the top left corner of the application
  4. Select Export Archive


Rinse and repeat on any other designs you want exported. You can then import them into the production version of Fusion 360 for further modeling.


We have so enjoyed collaborating with you on these Beta ventures, and we look forward to more feedback on what we have coming next – so stay tuned and in touch!


Are you part of the Fusion 360 Publisher Beta? It’s also closing on 5/15 so export your designs with this tutorial.




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