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Fantastic meetup in LA, onward to San Francisco!

Hey Everyone!

Last night the Fusion 360 and KeyShot teams hosted a meetup at the swanky SPiN ping pong club at The Standard hotel in Los Angeles.  LA’s got awesome designers that we were lucky to meet. Lot of variety – automobile exteriors, cosmetic packaging, shoe design, advertisement staging, consumer electronics, and accessory design. When we packed up, the event staff were still pulling ping pong balls out from the curtains, so we know at least a few of the games were sufficiently intense! (Check out the video at bottom.)

It was awesome to talk design with all of you. Keqing and I took a bunch of interview footage and we’re taking that info directly back to our development team with it. We had the chance to learn about you and what you’re looking for what you want your design software to do. We heard you when you asked for design tools to help with rapid iteration, rapid adaptation and rapid visualization all prominent points of discussion.  Speaking of rapid visualization, we loved showing off what we’ve got brewing with KeyShot.

What’s next?  Well for those of you in the bay area, you should come hangout with us TODAY (Oct 3) at Techshop in San Francisco. (Sign up here!)

We’re doing an inspiration inspired meetup in one the most creative cities in the world. We’re super pumped to be at Techshop because they are all about empowering the everyman to make amazing stuff. We’re all about that too.  We’ve got our Roambotics friends coming out to showcase their in-development self-actuating robot, it’s going to be cool! If you guys want to geek out on what you’re working on too, come out, bring in the laptops and let’s have fun designing!

So, what’s your idea of a great meetup? Let us know, and see you soon!

Mike and Keqing






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