Designing and Manufacturing with Intelligence:  How Autodesk AI Helps You Be More Efficient 

Stephen Hooper Stephen Hooper November 13, 2023

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Demand for new products and ideas across the design and manufacturing industries is accelerating. Autodesk customers are increasingly asked to do things faster and more sustainably, but also at lower costs and higher quality. Harnessing the power of AI is no longer a nice to have—it’s now a must to keep up. 

For over 10 years, Autodesk has prioritized investment in AI because we recognize its transformative power for design and manufacturing teams. Our approach to AI research and development can be summed up into addressing one question: how can you use AI to better translate imagination to reality? We want to make it easier for your teams to streamline the product development process and bring your ideas to life faster.  

Autodesk Artificial Intelligence AI

That’s why we’re currently developing Autodesk AI, technology that augments creative exploration and problem-solving, automates tedious and repetitive tasks, and analyzes project data to offer predictive insights. It helps customers meet the moment—not just by increasing productivity, but by providing tools to be more ambitious and creative.

We’re currently focused on advancing Autodesk AI capabilities in three main areas:   

Recent updates to Autodesk Fusion like generative design, already leverage AI. Enabling professionals to prompt, generate, and refine vast multitudes of ideas throughout the design and make lifecycle.

Autodesk AI – You’re in the driver’s seat

We want to make it very clear that Autodesk AI is always steered by the user. We believe Autodesk AI should be front and center, helping you to improve your workflow and arrive at the best possible outcome. It works alongside you, like an assistant, to ease otherwise time-consuming tasks and help you get where you want to be faster. 

You decide how you want to combine manual and automatic adjustments to achieve the desired outcomes for your project. You’re in the driver’s seat, and the final decisions are always yours. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key ways Autodesk Fusion already leverages AI: 

Generative design

Generative design Autodesk Fusion AI

We were the first to introduce generative design technology for manufacturing in Fusion over six years ago. The AI-powered, multi-objective design optimization solution can generate thousands of manufacturing-ready solutions for a defined problem. Helping designers and engineers quickly analyze design alternatives.  

Automated modeling

Automated modeling Autodesk Fusion AI

Automated modeling meets you at the beginning of the design process. Enabling rapid design exploration early on and helping you uncover new possibilities in how you approach a given design problem. In just a matter of minutes, with minimal definition about what to connect and what to avoid, automated modeling provides numerous editable design alternatives.   

Automated toolpaths

Automated toolpaths Autodesk Fusion

The CloudNC CAM Assist Automation Add-in for Fusion translates 3D models of 3-axis components into machining strategies in seconds. It acts as a co-pilot, helping you automate repetitive CAM programming tasks. Strategies and estimations that might have once taken hours or days to develop are now available almost immediately. 

Automated drawings

Automated drawings Autodesk Fusion

Documentation is a largely procedural, non-value-adding task that can occupy a significant portion of a skilled engineer’s time. Not anymore. By the end of the year, we will launch Automated Drawings in Fusion to translate 3D models into fully dimensioned drawings with the click of a button. 

Design and Make a better world with Autodesk AI and Autodesk Fusion

Ultimately, Autodesk AI enhances creativity and decision-making and enables you to find new solutions to challenges faster and more sustainably. It’s an additional tool in your Fusion toolbox that lends a helping hand to support your existing workflows. Throughout the process, you remain in the driver’s seat. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Over the coming months and years, as AI continues to evolve, we will be incorporating ever more powerful forms of technology to help you continuously innovate, eliminate non-value tasks, delight your customers, and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Now is the time to invest, and that’s exactly what we’re doing on your behalf. Now’s the time to start exploring what this transformative technology can do for you. 

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