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Design Differently Events: April


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Hey guys, we’ve got some new series spinning up. Let us know what you think!


Fusion Freshman Orientation
(HANGOUT) New series! Looking to get started in Fusion? If you don’t know where to start or are just looking for a place to ask beginner questions in a safe environment, this is the hangout for you. We’ll get you started in product design, no experience necessary. Come join us! Questions welcome.
Tue, Apr 1 |  3pm – 4pm PST   Register

Tue, Apr 15 |  3pm – 4pm PST   Register


Design Chat: Wearables
(HANGOUT) New series! Come join other product designers for a Design Chat where we’ll be discussing PD trends and projects. With a show-and-tell vibe, each month will have a theme: our first month we’ll be focusing on Wearables.

Come learn about what’s going on in wearable tech, discuss implications for product design, and share your wearable projects with other designers. All experience levels welcome, opportunities to learn and collaborate. Encourage all to bring a project to share (post to the Fusion Gallery with #designChat)
Thu, Apr 17 |  3pm – 4pm PST   Register



Fusion 360 Hangout
(HANGOUT) Welcome! This is where we meet up every other week as the Fusion 360 Community. We’ll be checking in to hear how you’re doing, answer your questions, talk about updates and best practices. Join the conversation on Twitter with #Fusion360

Tue, Apr 22 |  11am – 12pm PST   Register


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