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December 10, 2014 Update Is Available

Hey all, 

We just released a new hotfix update. If you haven’t restarted Fusion 360, please save your work and restart the program to get the update. Here are the items that have been fixed: 


Fixed the following issues:

·        Gesture Tumble does not work inside Edit Form

·        Gesture of two fingers to move the model in Fusion 360 is not smooth enough

·        File corruption preventing file open when switching between machines

·        CAM: Missing Chamfer option in 2D contour and trace in some cases


Fixed the following crashes:

·        Crash on changing Grid settings in Sketch mode

·        Crash on leaving sketch environment

·        Crash in hiding timeline when creating a new document

·        Crash on dragging an assembly into a component to generate another assembly

·        Crash on application startup after sleep mode


NOTE: We are actively working on addressing known crashes related to low-end graphics cards.



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