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Creating Contact Sets and Motion Links in Fusion 360

Here is a quick tip on how to put some finishing touches on your assembly designs after you have modeled all the components and joints in Fusion 360. You have done a great job capturing the form and the next step is to complete capturing the function in your design. You begin to capture function as you start to model joints in Fusion, but a few key things often need to be defined to complete this process.


In this 2 minute video we’ll be creating a contact set to restrict the motion of the sliding jaw on this vise. Contact sets are a good way to restrict the motion of a part or a joint and can be easily built in when you need to demonstrate motion in an assembly. Creating a contact set is as simple as specifying the two components and Fusion will make sure that these two components will never interfere. In other words, their motion is restricted once they come in contact with each other. Contact sets can be disabled when the motion of an assembly is not being demonstrated.


A Motion link connects two joints in a way that you can have the motion of one joint drive the motion of another joint. We need the sliding jaw to move forward and back when the handle of the vise is turned and so we simply create a motion link between those two joints. In addition you can specify how much the jaw slides for every turn of the handle, so that the design is very realistic.



Thanks for watching!


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