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Challenge Accepted – Design to working prototype in 90 Days!

Last year, we partnered with hundreds of Fusion users to bring their ideas to reality and create some very innovative products. You have seen videos and stories about some these products right here on this website. Working with our users is by far the most rewarding and exciting thing we do, and so when Hong from Karmic bikes told us that he wanted to challenge us to design and create a working prototype of the next version of his ebike in 90 days, it was an offer so exciting, we couldn’t refuse!


The 90 day challenge was launched earlier this week by Kenneth Wong on his blog, the Virtual Desktop (read the complete article here). For the next 3 months, we will be posting updates on our progress, our hurdles, our successes – big and small and even plan to bring the design to you to get your input. We have a couple of big events planned including a trip to go see the manufacturer overseas. So stay tuned for all the details on this blog, Virtual Desktop and on Twitter (#Karmic90days).


To kick it off, get to know the team and the challenge right here…


Who is Hong Quan?

Hong is a lifelong cyclist and a tech startup veteran. A proud Dad of two, these days Hong only has time to ride with his kids to school. After helping other founders build their companies for the last decade, I’ve started Karmic Bikes to bring the joy of riding to everyone.


What is Karmic Bikes?

Karmic Bikes are fast, fun and simple. It’s packed with the latest battery and motor technology, to bring back that “wheeee!” feeling from your very first bike.


Why is it different from the next electric bike out there?

Karmic is different from existing ebikes because it uses a mid-drive motor for better balance and handling. Our battery is lifetime re-buildable, truly recyclable and packs a lot of power in a compact package. The bikes are well designed and engineered, to let people enjoy the ride.


These are some typical initial reactions riders have when they try the bike. Smiley Happy



Why Autodesk Fusion 360?

Autodesk Fusion 360 is actually very similar to the Karmic Bikes we’re designing on it. The software is simple to use, even for non-technical folks (like me!). It’s fast so you can get ideas in your head on to the screen, then to CNC or 3D printing. It’s fun to make things, even my 7 year old thinks I’m playing a game and we modeled a little toy together (he calls it Max’s Planeball and it’s really cool looking). We also love that it’s cloud-based since our team is remote and we can all work together as if we’re in the same room.


Max's Planeball.png


What is the 90 day challenge?

The 90-day challenge is a way to push ourselves to develop a new version of our bike, test out a lot of ideas and concepts virtually, and have real-world outputs to CNC and 3D printing so we can actually build a prototype bike in 3 months. It’s a great test for our team, Autodesk’s software, and consumer machines intended for the maker market (MakerBot, Other Mill, etc.). We really want to see what can be made in a very short timeframe, with an enthusiast’s budget.


Karmic_team - 920 x 694.png


Stay tuned…lots of exciting updates coming soon!




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