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  • working-remote-fusion-360

    Jumpstarting Collaboration with Fusion 360 Team

    There’s never been a better time to embrace the shift to Fusion Team virtual collaboration. Placing a robust suite of collaborative tools into professional hands and removing teamwork bottlenecks, Fusion Team sparks digital collaborative action.

  • generative-design-mjk

    Fusion 360: Design Reimagined

    Fusion 360 is design reimagined – new features, progressive system architectures, and modern workflows developed from the ground up to take advantage of the transformative power of the cloud, eliminating the challenges of today’s current generation 30-year-old CAD platforms.

  • base-for-imac-knack

    Nack Studio | Beautiful, but not Basic – How to Make Things Effortlessly

    Sometimes the most straightforward solutions have much bigger stories behind them. Looking at the design of the Base by Nack Studio, basic is not effortless.

  • sharing-files-with-fusion-360-team

    4 Easy Steps to Share Files with Fusion 360 Team

    In these days of all work transitioning remote, collaboration is paramount. We also see these trends in the CAD/CAM industry, as the new normal of design, engineering, and manufacturing begin to take shape. Take a look at these 4 easy steps to kick start your collaboration efforts with Fusion 360 Team.

  • 2D Drawings Roadmap and Update

    It’s been a while since we’ve posted a blog on Drawings - but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy paving the way for some exciting projects! This past year has been chock full of planning, listening, building, and ramping up in preparation for the amazing 2020 we’re all about to experience.

  • stem

    For the Love of STEM: Drawing Children to STEM Learning

    With the help of a variety of programs, including mentorship opportunities and after school events, introducing children to STEM is easier than ever before. These types of programs are becoming increasingly common as more parents look to immerse their children in STEM at a young age.

  • covid-19-vent

    3D Printed Parts and Design a Low-Cost Ventilator in Minutes

    COVID-19 Vent today announced their premiere product, a new low-cost ventilator, to combat the unprecedented novel coronavirus. COVID-19 Vent is a medical device that functions similar to a traditional medical ventilator, a device in grievously high demand, at exceptionally low manufacturing cost. It offers a new way for the medical equipment to be constructed locally…

  • maximize-working-remotely

    Top 6 Ways to Maximize Working Remotely

    Working remotely can be a real challenge. For some, especially under the current challenges we’re facing, adjusting can be particularly frustrating, as the disruption to the methods of making and innovating has become impossible to execute. Mercifully, here on the Fusion 360 team, we have a few people (like myself!) who are on the road…

  • original-gerber-machine

    A History of Gerber Files and the Man Who Made Them

    Gerber files have served as a long-time standard in the tech industry, with a rich history making them what they are today. Creator Joseph Gerber helped cultivate those files, which can be found in prominent industry software.

  • design-and-manufacturing-community

    Connecting the Design and Manufacturing Community

    Communities and companies around the globe are coming together to help combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) in incredible ways. Information, ideas and available resources are all evolving so rapidly, it’s hard to keep up. Below are some of the best resources we know of that we hope can help you find ways to get involved.

  • generative-design

    Change is Coming: Are You and Your Company Ready?

    Now is the time! Roger Orban walks us through a comparison between the CAD market and the adoption of new technologies like Generative Design.

  • cad-data-management

    Using the Best Practices in CAD Data Management

    Getting a handle on your CAD Data Management processes early on can help avoid organizational setbacks in the future. It’s important to learn what works best for your process, stay organized, and utilize the right tools for you.

  • new-lab

    New Lab: The New Champion of Innovation

    Check out our latest showcase blog about New Lab in Brooklyn New York, and how they aim to change the rate of innovation, one Hardware company at a time.

  • 6 Ways to Make Software Implementation Seamless

    Implementing new software can be tricky, but considering a few key things ahead of time can turn the process into something positive for everyone involved.

  • Extension Plate added to xref via edit in place.

    Assemblies Edit-in-Place Preview is Coming to Fusion 360

    Edit-in-Place functionality allows you to edit a referenced part directly within the context of the overall assembly.