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  • generative-design-mjk

    Generative Design isn’t only for Simulation Specialists

    The engineering of products has not changed for the last 30 years. Until now! Read to learn how the most advanced technologies are not just for the elites.

  • Teaching Through Technology: Educating Our Children Online

    Online learning presents new challenges to many parents whose days rarely require them to play the role of teacher. Luckily, there are online learning solutions to help navigate the online learning environment.

  • analyzing-prosthetic

    How 3D Printing is Revolutionizing the Medical Industry

    3D printing has rapidly changed the landscape of prosthetic devices and medical technology. Whether through more accessible cost, heightened availability, or more ergonomic wearability, 3D-printed limbs are making global waves in the face of a growing healthcare crisis.

  • generative-design-choices

    New Fusion 360 Generative Design Self-Learning Path Available

    Do you have questions about generative design in Fusion in 360? Check out this brand new self-learning path to show you everything you need to know.

  • generative-design-choices

    Topology Optimization is not Generative Design

    Is it topology optimization or is it generative design? This is the definitive test to finally answer that question and start using the latest technology.

  • engineer-book

    5 Books Every Engineer Should Read

    There are many engineering-focused books tailored toward engineers and non-engineers alike. Whether you are snuggled up on a couch, lounging on a patio, or sitting at your desk, there is an engineering book out there for you.

  • ml-vs-ai

    Machine Learning vs. Artificial Intelligence: Understanding the Differences

    Public understanding has begun to fall behind significant advancements in recent technology. While there are distinct differences between machine learning and artificial intelligence, both aim to mimic human cognitive processes and learn from past experiences.

  • jpl-generative-design

    Top 7 Generative Design Learning Guides

    There so many resources available to you to help you learn generative design. Read to discover the best resources to take anyone from a novice to an expert.

  • machinist

    Top 5 Milling Code References that Every Machinist Should Know

    Machinists might need complex codes and algorithms for their more advanced projects, but there are some speeds and feeds references that even beginners should know. References that move your machine in a straight line set feedrate and spindle speed start and stop a clockwise spindle, and control your coolant are likely fundamental for most machinists.

  • understanding-physics-transmission-lines

    Understanding the Physics of Transmission Lines

    Physics plays a crucial role in designing electrical transmission lines. Having a basic knowledge of what makes and impacts those lines will give you a better idea of design layout.

  • john-saunders-face-shield

    New ways to work, for your office and society

    John Saunders has always been instrumental to the Fusion 360 community, and in recent times, that commitment to things bigger than himself has really shined. Read to find out how Saunders Machine Works is helping out 12,000 face shields at a time.

  • Pivot Assembly showing disconnected origins

    Edit-in-Place Modeling Preview: Joint Creation

    We are excited to announce the introduction of joint creation, non-associative edits, and local context to the Edit-in-Place (EIP) workflows. Read to find out more.

  • first-hard-drive

    A Look Back at the First Built-In Hard Drive

    The first built-in hard drive came out in the early 1980s, and it was the result of decades of hard work from many different companies and individuals. As Americans use more data than ever before, it’s worth examining how, exactly, we came to have the technology that is so critical to so much of our…

  • Hard Surfacing

    Hard Surfacing, soft bodies: An interview with Jason Zigrino

    We love to Make Anything here at Autodesk. One of the things we love is when tools are used “wrong” to discover new solutions to problems. Check out Jason Zigrino and what he does wrong his spare time.

  • fusion-360-api

    API: Extend Fusion 360, not Yourself

    We all have requirements for unique solutions, capabilities, or customization to meet our design or project needs. Read how OpenBOM and Bommer are making our Bill of Material easier with Fusion 360 APIs.