Category: Mechanical Engineering

  • Understanding Additive Manufacturing Technology & Processes

    If you’re reading this, you probably already know what a 3D printer is (if you don’t, then read this article about 3D printing vs. injection molding). But do you understand the differences between the vast number of additive manufacturing processes, technologies, and their applications? To start, here are three easy ways to categorize the various additive manufacturing technologies: 1. Melted Solids  There’s a whole band…

  • Why is Simulation Software Important in the Design Process?

    This article explores how simulation software finds the perfect marriage of form and function to showcase a mass-market design's viability.

  • Justin Baker’s Journey From Puppeteer to Mechanical Engineer

    Student engineer and fabricator Justin Baker designs a new career with help from generative design.

  • 3D Printing vs. Injection Molding: What You Need to Know

    Explore the differences between two essential processes in the modern manufacturing space, their merits, and the nuances behind them.

  • How to Use Generative Design Tools for Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing

    Generative design is no longer a tool for creating designs that can only be produced using additive manufacturing. Generative design now can optimize solutions suitable for many manufacturing techniques.

  • What Materials Can be 3D Printed?

    Using the right material for your 3D printed project can make or break the final result. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from, whether it be plastic, metal, or even polymer.

  • Meet Gwynne Shotwell: SpaceX President & COO

    Gwynne Shotwell leads a team that has redefined what is possible for private aerospace companies.

  • What Does the Future of 3D Printing Look Like?

    3D printing has come a long way from the early days of desktop figurines. As technology continues to evolve, the future brighter than ever.

  • What is Aerospace Engineering?

    Decidedly the least grounded profession in the field of engineering, aerospace engineers examine our relationship with the world above us. Since the field’s official 1958 emergence, engineers have helped humans travel — commercially, militarily, and exploratively. Aerospace industry advancements have improved how quickly, safely, and efficiently this has been made possible. They have also paved…

  • 3DXTech & Gearbox3D Take Additive Manufacturing To the Next Level

    Gearbox3D's heavy-duty 3D printer prints high-quality plastics. Learn how Fusion 360's integrated cloud platform helped bring it to life.

  • The Role of Machine Learning in Industrial Automation

    Industrial automation and machine learning help remove productivity barriers by automatically handling tedious, time-consuming tasks.

  • Achieving Better Additive Manufacturing Outcomes in Generative Design

    As part of the December 2020 update of Fusion 360, we delivered a hidden gift just in time for the holidays: a new method for generating additive manufacturing outcomes. Internally, we call this project Additive 2.0, and it is part of our Experimental Generative Solvers and Features preview. This new method should go a long way to improve the shape quality and printability of the outcomes compared to…

  • What Is Parametric Design in Architecture, and How Is It Shaping the Industry?

    Parametric Design in architecture is being put to the test by design software that allows implementation at a scale never seen before.

  • Fusion 360 and The Fourth Industrial Revolution

    Learn about how Fusion 360 is at the forefront of the Digital Transformation.

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing with Fusion 360

    Additive manufacturing creates many opportunities for rapidly producing parts, although, like all manufacturing methods, it has its constraints. Due to these constraints (which can include overhangs, minimum detail size, build platform size, and more), it is important to design for additive manufacturing by considering the manufacturing method during the design process. On that note, the…