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3D Printed Parts and Design a Low-Cost Ventilator in Minutes

COVID-19 Vent today announced their premiere product, a new low-cost ventilator, to combat the unprecedented novel coronavirus. COVID-19 Vent is a medical device that functions similar to a traditional medical ventilator, a device in grievously high demand, at exceptionally low manufacturing cost. It offers a new way for the medical equipment to be constructed locally near the hospital in need.

Top 6 Ways to Maximize Working Remotely

Working remotely can be a real challenge. For some, especially under the current challenges we’re facing, adjusting can be particularly frustrating, as the disruption to the methods of making and innovating has become impossible to execute. Mercifully, here on the Fusion 360 team, we have a few people (like myself!) who are on the road a lot, and they’ve all taken the time to pitch in the top tips we’re sharing with you below.

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