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Camera Settings – Make your Renderings Look More Realistic

We’ve got big plans this year to help you create (even more) awesome renderings of your Fusion 360 designs. We’ve started in our January update by adding some new capabilities with a newly-introduced Camera Settings command, which we think will help take your renderings to the next level of realism and professionalism.


You’ll find the Camera Settings command inside the Setup toolbar panel in the Render workspace:




Opening this command provides two brand new functionalities:


Focal Length

This effect allows you to control the angles of perspective on your model, giving you the ability to add a realistic sense of scale to your image, or to create dramatic close-up shots of your design.




When using a Perspective camera mode, simply use this slider to adjust the focal length of your scene.




Under the hood, this control is doing what is known as a dolly-zoom (effectively changing the model zoom in-sync with adjusting the focal length), which allows you to adjust the perspective effect in your scene while keeping the model consistently framed in the canvas.




The focal length value relates to how you would specify a camera lens: 

  • A shorter focal length represents a wider field of view, which gives a more exaggerated perspective effect (like standing close to an object with a wide-angle lens). 



  • A longer focal length represents a narrower field of view and reduces the amount of perspective (like viewing an object through a telephoto lens).




Depth of Field

The second enhancement in this release is that our ray-tracing technology is now able to represent depth of field, which allows you to choose a region of the model to be in focus, blurring the regions in the foreground & background. As well as adding more realism to your renderings, this offers great potential for artistic scene composition, and can help draw attention to specific parts of your design.




To use this, we recommend first enabling Ray Tracing so that you can preview the effect while changing the parameters (we hope to improve this preview mechanism in future). To turn on the effect, enable the Depth of Field checkbox.




Left-click on your model to choose the center of focus, and use the Blur slider to adjust the amount of blur you wish to apply to the foreground and background. The center of focus you pick on the model defines the focal distance, so everything that’s the same distance from the camera as the point you click should stay in focus. Note that the blur effect depends on the size of the model, so smaller values tend to give the most accurate results for smaller models, and larger values for larger models.





And that’s pretty much all there is to it! This simple set of controls should allow you to explore a wide variety of new visual effects for your renderings. Beyond this, we are looking to further enrich these camera controls over the coming year, so if you have any suggestions for things you’d like to see, or any feedback on these existing tools, it would be really great to hear them.


Hope you enjoy these new tools, and really looking forward to seeing what you create!


Jake Fowler

Fusion 360 User Experience Designer


(NB: of course, all images (including banner) were rendered in Fusion 360’s Render workspace)


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