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QUICK TIP: Soft Jaws & Stock Creation

[Update 3/23/17 — this is temporarily pulled from the app store. To download for now, please get it here: ]


In this QUICK TIP, and once every month going forward, we’re going to highlight a different app in the App Store. Although we’ve inadvertently been doing this with past posts like this and this, we thought it was important to devote time learning about and promoting exciting & innovative apps. This is especially important because new apps seem to be coming faster every day! Anyway, it’s my pleasure to present the inaugural App of the Month QUICK TIP:



In just two minutes you can see how to find and install the ‘Soft Jaw and Stock Creation‘ app from the store, and learn the basics behind its use. To see another example of this app being used, check out this video where Curtis Chan utilizes it with with a rectangular body. Thanks Curt!


While you’re in the App store, make sure to check out others apps and remember to come back to share your experiences;  your feedback will help shape these tools!


Thanks for reading!




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