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What you didn’t know about EAGLE: Polygon Ranking



Enhance your experience with EAGLE!  Follow this new weekly series “What you didn’t know about EAGLE!” and uncover new features of EAGLE that will optimize your design time.

Polygon Ranking

Did you know you can manage the rank of a polygon? Polygons are often used to create a GND flood on the entire board or a portion of the board, but if you need to insert a smaller polygon within a larger plane, you will need to know about Polygon ranking!

When multiple polygons of the same rank overlap, they are given the same weight (they must both fill completely) so they short together. Start by right clicking on your polygon on the Context menu then select the Properties option.

In order for the polygons to isolate properly, you need to leave the small polygon with a rank of 1 and then set the rank of the other polygon to a value of 2 or larger. Since the small polygon has the highest priority, it isn’t cut into. The large polygon isolates because of its lower rank.  Click here for video explanation.

(FYI: If you wish to force all polygons back to outline mode, on the command line type RIP @; and press enter)


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