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Top 3 Features in New Autodesk EAGLE

Sam Sattel


The Top 3 Features You’ll Only Find in the New Autodesk EAGLE Webinar

Well folks, our development cycle for Autodesk EAGLE is officially shorter than it has ever been. Since teaming up with Autodesk back in June of last year, we’ve had more updates than we can even count, and with it a ton of new features for you! Whew, I think it’s time to take a breather and check out everything that’s been added, don’t you?

If you’ve felt lost in the update shuffle, wondering where in the world all these updates are coming from, then we have just what you need – a free webinar that shows off it all! Without further ado, these are but three of the many new features you’ll see in our webinar that you can only find in the new Autodesk EAGLE.

Obstacle Avoidance

It’s in that final hour when you’re in the home stretch of your routing, and you hit a snag. Those traces are getting tighter, and there’s a ton of vias blocking your way. What to do? Avoid them! Obstacle Avoidance in Autodesk EAGLE makes it super easy to maneuver your way through even the most complex board layouts without messing up your design rules.


Alignment Tools


Who doesn’t love a board with perfectly aligned traces, pads, and vias? We sure do! There’s a ton of new alignment options in the new Autodesk EAGLE that makes aligning objects a breeze. Align pads by their top, bottom, left, right or center origins. Or give those vias some space to breathe by distributing by their horizontal or vertical centers.


BGA Fanout

Once upon a time, there was a day when you had to spend hours fanning all of those pins on your high-pin-count BGAs. These days it can be done in seconds in the new Autodesk EAGLE. We’ve packed in an advanced algorithm that fans out every net on your BGA In seconds at the click of a button. Farewell busywork, now you can focus on the actual creative stuff.


Too Many New Features to Count

We could go on and on all day about all the new features we’ve added in Autodesk EAGLE. But really, who has the time to read a novel? We’ve gone from Version 8.0 at launch to Version 8.2 in under a year, and with all of those updates, we’ve added a ton of features that can power up your PCB design process! The new Autodesk EAGLE, well, it’s definitely not your father’s PCB design tool. If you’re looking for new and efficient ways to master your routing puzzle, or reuse circuitry, or design the most beautiful PCB layouts around, then you need to see everything that’s new in Autodesk EAGLE in our free webinar.

Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll learn in our What’s New in Autodesk EAGLE – We’ve Lost Count webinar:

  • Learn how to master even the most complex routing puzzles in a fraction of the time with brand new routing features.
  • Learn how to quickly reuse proven circuitry without having to reinvent the wheel over, and over, and over again with new design blocks.
  • Learn how to never worry about placing another out of date part on your design with new managed libraries, straight from their source.

The new features are plentiful, and they’re here today! Register now for our free webinar to see them all.

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