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EAGLE Libraries UI/UX Improvements

Cesca Fleischer

EAGLE Library

EAGLE Libraries UI/UX Improvements

Libraries are the heart and soul of any electronic design.

Do you work with libraries and library assets in EAGLE desktop? Over the past year, we’ve made a ton of improvements to our workspace focusing on the library and library assets integration. We want to make your experience seamless, so keep your EAGLE version up to date, and capitalize on all our best features.  Check out some of our improvements.

Library Editor Previews

I hate the guesswork of trying to decipher the device and package names.  I always end up with a manual trial and error process of placing a component, just to see if I got it right.  Now with Library Editor Previews, I can quickly browse and view all the details right from the Library editor.


Single-click Library Import

We have taken a 3 step process to import a device, Footprint or symbol, into a single-click button action.  Right from within the device dialog click Import…, then simply add the device from any other library.  Done.  You can do the same within the Add Footprint and Add Symbol dialogs.


Add to Schematic

We know…this has been a long time coming.  Why wouldn’t you be to add a symbol to your schematic right from the Library Editor?  Now you can.  Right-click, and Boom, Symbol right on your schematic!

Add to schematic

Replace the Packages of Device Variants

We know it’s a lot of work to set up the pin/pad mappings and electrical attributes of a device variant, so we want to make sure you don’t lose them if you need to change the variant’s package. The new “Replace Package” command allows you to swap out the footprint and 3D model for a device variant while preserving its electrical attributes and pin/pad mapping.


For those of you already on Subscription, these updates will be ready and waiting for you when you open your next session of EAGLE.  Hassle free!

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