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Category: What You Didn’t Know About Eagle


5 Software Failures That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Fender-Bender

Sometimes the biggest, most well-intentioned initiatives can go up in flames. These 5 software failures will keep you from repeating a similarly disastrous mistake.

Marcel Vogel Rational & Spiritual Scientist

Marcel Vogel wasn’t your everyday scientist. From magnetic coatings on hard disks to therapeutic healing with crystals, learn more about this man’s journey as a rational and spiritual scientist.

How Your PCB Is Manufactured

Ever been curious about how the PCB you just finished designing is actually made? Read on to learn how it all happens in plain English, no technical jargon needed!

Seymour Cray Supercomputers

The Father of Supercomputing has come and gone, but his legacy still lives on. Learn about the life and work of Seymour Cray.

What you didn’t know about EAGLE: User Language Programming

User Language Programming (ULP) is arguably the most powerful feature in EAGLE, yet few users really leverage…

What you didn’t know about EAGLE: Arbitrary Pad Shapes

In our last post we talked about how you can easily create custom Slotted drills in EAGLE….

What you didn’t know about EAGLE: Slotted Holes

At first glance, it may appear that there is no way to create slotted holes in EAGLE!…

What you didn’t know about EAGLE: Restring

Few features in EAGLE cause as much confusion as the Restring tab (Figure 1) under the DRC…

What you didn’t know about EAGLE: Assign

Creating EAGLE shortcuts will help you work faster. Many users hit Crtl+C for the CUT command, or…

What you didn’t know about EAGLE: Customize Context Menu

In this series we’ve been showing you how to use some gem features in EAGLE that not…


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