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What’s New in EAGLE – V9.6

Splines Easily draw curved lines using splines with up to 2 points of control before ending with…

WorldSkills Design Challenge 2019

Over 1300 competitors from 63 countries recently met for the 45th WorldSkills Design Challenge in Kazan, Russia. Considered…

Bio-Inspired Robotics

Robots aren’t just a series of metal boxes and buttons. See how everything from the skin on your arm to the legs on your basement’s spider is inspiring robotic design.

Keeping Current: George Westinghouse Jr. Was More Than a Rival

George Westinghouse Jr. was more than you thought he was, learn more about his life: prolific inventor, humanitarian, and a revolutionary in the rail industry.

How Piezoelectricity Works

Piezo what? Learn how you can squeeze crystals like quartz to produce an electric current and power your electronics.

What you didn’t know about EAGLE: Slotted Holes

At first glance, it may appear that there is no way to create slotted holes in EAGLE!…