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The History of Wind Energy

The first windmill cropped up in Roman Egypt, and ever since, it’s been a hot topic. Are wind farms worth the investment, or are they eyesores in natural landscapes?

EAGLE Libraries UI/UX Improvements

Be sure to stay up-to-date with your EAGLE version in order to take advantage of all the improvements we make! Check out our Desktop Library updates.

Top 10 Design for Manufacturing Mistakes

Ever wonder what kind of DFM mistakes you can make that will drive your PCB manufacturer absolutely crazy? Learn about the top 10 DFM mistakes now, so you don’t make them in the future!

How Your PCB Is Manufactured

Ever been curious about how the PCB you just finished designing is actually made? Read on to learn how it all happens in plain English, no technical jargon needed!

How Schottky Diodes Work

Need to control current flow in low voltage applications? Sounds like you need a Schottky Diode! Here’s what you need to know before using one in your next project.

Now Available: New, Free EAGLE Library Plugin from SamacSys

Ready to search and download free symbols, footprints, and 3D models without ever leaving EAGLE? Learn about the new Library Plugin from SamacSys!

Design Rewind: Building an Ambient Light Control System

Let there be light! Learn how to build an ambient light control system in today’s Design Rewind.

Everyday App Note: Learn Fundamental High Speed Design Guidelines to Minimize EMI

Is electromagnetic interference running wild on your PCB layout? Learn how to keep EMI in control with these high speed layout guidelines from Texas Instruments.

Let There Be Light! How an Optocoupler Works

An optocoupler works to safely separate high-voltage components and low-voltage devices while removing electrical noise in electronic devices.

What’s New in Autodesk EAGLE 8.5: Powering Up Your Routing

Routing in EAGLE has never been so good. Learn about all of the new power-ups for the router in EAGLE 8.5 inside!