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Category: EDA


Seymour Cray Supercomputers

The Father of Supercomputing has come and gone, but his legacy still lives on. Learn about the life and work of Seymour Cray.

How Schottky Diodes Work

Need to control current flow in low voltage applications? Sounds like you need a Schottky Diode! Here’s what you need to know before using one in your next project.

Edith Clarke First Female Electrical Engineer

Think your resume is pretty slick? Wait until you see Edith Clarke’s, world famous famous electrical engineering trailblazer.

Madman Muntz: How a Self-Taught Engineer Earned Fortunes by Designing Less, Not More

Ever feel like you are over-engineering your circuits? It might need some Muntzing! Read on to learn more about Madman Muntz.

8 PCB Grounding Rules

Grounding isn’t all that important, right? It’s only the foundation of your house. Here are 8 PCB grounding rules to live your engineering life by.

Future Tech: Will New Hot Solar Cell Technology Shatter the Shockley-Queisser Limit?

Will a new hot solar cell technology from MIT shatter the Shockley-Queisser limit? Read on to find out.

Design Rewind: Building an Ambient Light Control System

Let there be light! Learn how to build an ambient light control system in today’s Design Rewind.

Alan Turing: Cracking the Code of Modern Computing

He’s a code breaker, father of modern computers, war hero, math genius, computer scientist, and more. Is there anything Alan Turing couldn’t do?

Autodesk EAGLE 8.6 Release Announcement

Still limping along with that old CAM processor? It’s time for an upgrade.

Steve Wozniak & the Computer Industry

Steve Jobs knew how to sell a computer, but someone had to design them. This is the life of Steve Wozniak, designer of the Apple I and Apple II.