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Category: EAGLE Academy


Let There Be Light! How an Optocoupler Works

An optocoupler works to safely separate high-voltage components and low-voltage devices while removing electrical noise in electronic devices.

Linear Regulated vs. Switch Mode Power Supply

Not sure what power supply circuit you need to design for your next electronics project? Here’s a comparison between linear regulated and switch mode to help you decide.

SPICE Simulation Part 6: How to Make Your EAGLE Libraries Ready for SPICE

It’s our final tour of duty for this SPICE campaign. Learn how to future-proof your part libraries by making them SPICE compatible in a few simple steps.

SPICE Simulation Part 5: Schematic to SPICE Mapping

Got some existing EAGLE designs that you want to simulate with SPICE? No problem. Learn how to quickly make your schematics SPICE compatible.

SPICE Simulation Part 4: Transient Analysis & SPICE Model Mapping

It’s time for the final frontier of SPICE! Learn about our final simulation type and how to map SPICE models, only in Autodesk EAGLE 8.4.

SPICE Simulation Part 3: DC and AC Sweep Analysis

Ready for some advanced SPICE simulations? Learn how to run your first DC and AC sweep analysis to observe circuit behavior over time, only in Autodesk EAGLE 8.4.

UL Certification for Electronics Design

Need a stamp of safety for your upcoming electronics project? Learn what you need to know about UL certification as an electronics designer.

SPICE Simulation Part 2 – Operating Point Analysis

We’re turning up the heat! Learn how to run your first operating point analysis in the Autodesk EAGLE 8.4 integrated SPICE simulator.

How RFID Works & Antenna Design

Interested in designing an RFID system? Learn how the technology works and how to design an RFID tag antenna inside.

SPICE Simulation Part 1

SPICE has arrived in EAGLE 8.4! Learn the basics of SPICE simulation, and how to get started with your first simulation in EAGLE.