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What’s New Autodesk EAGLE 9.1

Cesca Fleischer

Extreme Makeover, EAGLE 9.1 Edition

We’ve got a new look this summer – interface updates, new icons, color contrast options, and efficiency features. Autodesk EAGLE is dedicated to bringing you the best software, and we are constantly working to enhance your experience. Check out what’s new in EAGLE 9.1, and download the newest version today! 

Single click Schematic Wiring

Our newest feature saves you 100’s of man hours and removes the mundane task of wiring, naming your nets and placing labels.

What it does:

We are all familiar with the tedious nature of wiring a schematic with meaningful net names, but times are changing! This version of EAGLE introduces the option to simply specify a name then click on a pin and have the Wire, Name and Label all added. Now wiring a schematic with meaningful net names can be a wildly efficient process. The best part is you can just bounce around from pin to pin with single click to add all of your net names including sequential buses. Start saving time today!

How it works:

  • Break out individual signals by using the pin breakout command. Simply type a name and click on any pin to apply a wire, signal name, and a label.
  • Typing a new name in the command line and hitting enter will change the name of the design, then continue to single click pins to connect your design, magic!

Here’s how it looks in action!


Automatic Polygon Create

Remove the potential for errors by having to manually drawing your polygons, simply select an enclosed shape and Boom…polygon.

What it does:

Have you wanted to get creative with some more complex shapes? With these new features you can create interesting opportunities to convert paths to polygons, or polygons to paths. In EAGLE, simply right click on any closed boundary and turn a collection of lines and arcs into a polygon. Additionally you can also select a polygon and create an outline from it… now go get creative with your shapes!

How it works:

  • Right click on any lines or arcs, if they create a closed boundary, EAGLE will give you the option to fill the area. You also have options to remove the existing lines, or preserve them.
  • EAGLE now supports moving drawing layer objects to a routing layer, from the properties dialog to the object, or through the change command.

Here’s how it looks in action!


Interface Facelift

More modern look as well as a reworked EAGLE Control Panel with News and Preview tabs.  Easily find videos, webinars, support & more!

What it does:

Autodesk EAGLE is committed to making sure it not only performs well, but your experience is of the highest caliber. Part of that is easy access to our endless resources and community, and part of it is that EAGLE just looks good. This summer we are cleaner and more modern than ever before, and our new icons are only a small portions of that.

Changes in a nutshell:

  • New Icons: implemented slightly different look with the icons
  • Reordering: putting the highest priority items along the top of the main toolbar to the left of the workspace. Additionally, consolidating some of the lesser used features either a long the bottom of the main toolbar or into lists of items in the sub-command toolbars that pop up when you’re in command (e.g. route toolbar).
  • Default Color Change: subtle default layer color changes – softer and lighter colors to modernize the tools a bit.
  • New Home tab: keep you up to date with webinars, latest videos and learning content, new features, and important announcements! Check it out here:


EAGLE Makeover, What’s Not to Love?

Summertime is a good time for makeovers. We hope you enjoy our new icons, color options, and control panel. Version 9.1 reflects EAGLE’s dedication to ease of use, efficiency, and user-centered design. Keep an eye out for additional enhancements, and get creative this summer with our new look!

For those of you already on an EAGLE Subscription, this update will be ready and waiting for you when you open your tool.

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