Monthly Archives: September 2017

They might not be exciting or innovative, but without power supply circuits, we’d have no electronics. Learn all about the Steady Eddies of electronics design before designing your own power supply circuit in EAGLE!

Got clock cycles to worry about in your high speed design? You’ll want to know how to length match your high speed nets to keep everything in sync! Learn how inside.

Cover just 1% of the Sahara desert with solar panels and you can power the world! Learn all about this amazing source of sustainable energy inside.

There’s a ton of misconceptions out there about what a PCB designer is. We’re humans too.

Dr. Evil called, he wants his sharks with lasers! Learn all about this amazing technology that powers our modern age of electronics, manufacturing, and medicine.

Tired of recalculating your entire circuit every time you change your load resistance? Learn how to simplify things with Thevenin’s Theorem!

We’ve all got power in our pockets, but do you know how it works? Come learn about the inner workings of a battery if you’re a beginner electronics designer!

Are we doomed to endless frustration in our PCB library management work? Read an open letter from the desk of a frustrated engineer.

It’s time to stand on the shoulders of Ohm’s Law. Come learn how to analyze the voltage and current in complex circuits that include both passive and series resistance!

First time doing high speed PCB design? No problem. Check out our top 10 tips to make sure that your design gets done right the first time, without any EMI problems.