Monthly Archives: April 2017

All systems clear, we’re ready for manufacturing, or are we? Come learn how to master your post-design process in a free webinar, then sit back and relax while your board gets successfully manufactured!

This might be the end of your Library Basics journey, but it’s just the start of your adventures in Autodesk EAGLE! Learn how to combine a newly created symbol and package together in a device.

Pop quiz, when was the first computer invented? If you think it’s anytime in your lifetime, then you’re way off. Learn how far back the influence of computers go, to almost a century ago.

Greetings Library Pirates! Ready to make your first symbol in Autodesk EAGLE? Let’s continue our Library Basics Series with Part 2!

Woe to those who build their parts PCB libraries on a shaky foundation. Come learn how to create your libraries right the first time in a free EAGLE First Flights webinar!

Ahoy there Library Pirates! Did your ship run ashore trying to find the part you need in the free EAGLE libraries? No worries, you can always make your own! Read on to find out how to create your first package in Autodesk EAGLE.