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Civil infrastructure design and documentation software

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Design better civil infrastructure with Civil 3D

Civil 3D overview (video: 2:18 min.)

Civil 3D® civil engineering design software supports BIM (Building Information Modeling) with integrated features to improve drafting, design, and construction documentation.

Grading Optimization for Civil 3D

Grading Optimization overview (video: 1:59 min.)

Conduct grading design studies based on project constraints. Grading Optimization is available in Civil 3D only as part of the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection.

  • Automate time-consuming grading tasks.
  • Explore alternatives to achieve an optimal grading solution.
  • Return the selected grading proposal to Civil 3D for detailed design.

Project Explorer for Civil 3D

Project Explorer overview video (2:01 min.)

Transform how you navigate, visualize, and interact with Civil 3D design models. Project Explorer is an extension available in Civil 3D only through the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection.

  • Simplify design review and modification.
  • Efficiently validate that design objectives are met.
  • Automate custom report and table generation


Use Civil 3D with other Autodesk software.

  • Video: Move bridge design data across these products for more powerful and comprehensive workflows

    Civil 3D + InfraWorks + Revit

    Integrated bridge analysis and design. (video: 2:44 min.)

  • Video: Using ReCap Pro to capture existing and as-built environment for modeling

    Civil 3D + ReCap Pro

    Further enhance 3D modeling and designing in Civil 3D by using reality capture data from ReCap Pro. (video: 2 min.)

  • Video: Move a building model into a site design, then use the same model to visualize and analyze the design

    Civil 3D + InfraWorks + Revit + Navisworks

    Improve site and building design coordination with shared coordinate systems. (video: 2:13 min.)

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Customers using Civil 3D


    Reimagining transportation

    See how one innovator is using Autodesk software to develop depressurized tubes that carry passenger or cargo pods at speeds of up to 670 miles per hour.

  • Rendering of a school design in Horry County, North Carolina


    Driving the future with green site development

    Engineering firm made green building objectives a priority and delivered five new schools in 21 months in North Carolina.

  • Rendering of the Afsluitdijk dike in the Netherlands


    Weatherproofing Netherlands infrastructure

    Consortium turns to Autodesk tools to coordinate the complex undertaking of strengthening one of the largest dikes in the Netherlands.

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  • How much does an Civil 3D subscription cost?

    The price of an annual Civil 3D subscription is and the price of a monthly Civil 3D subscription is . The price of a 3-year Civil 3D subscription is .

  • How do I convert my Civil 3D free trial to a paid subscription?

    Launch your trial software and click Subscribe Now on the trial screen or visit the Civil 3D product page. When buying your subscription, enter the same email address and password combination you used to sign in to your trial. Learn more about converting a trial to a paid subscription.

  • Where can I get a Civil 3D perpetual license?

    Civil 3D software is available with a subscription only. We no longer sell perpetual licenses. Learn more about our software licensing program.

  • Which versions of Civil 3D can I use if I subscribe to the current version?

    Your Civil 3D subscription gives you access to install and use the 3 previous versions. Available downloads are listed in your Autodesk Account at manage.autodesk.com after subscribing. See also previous releases available for subscribers.

  • Can I install Civil 3D on multiple computers?

    With a subscription to Civil 3D software, you can install it on up to 3 computers or other devices. However, only the named user can sign in and use that software on a single computer at any given time. Please refer to the Software License Agreement for more information.

  • How do I stop auto-renewal or cancel my subscription?

    Sign in to manage.autodesk.com, select Billing & Orders, click Edit Payment, and turn off auto-renew. Your subscription details will then list an expiration date instead of a renewal date. Your subscription remains active until the expiration date.


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Autodesk Drive

  • Securely store, preview, and share design data.

Shared views

  • Quickly and securely share work with stakeholders.

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