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Features & benefits

Lean construction management

BIM 360™ Plan is a cloud and mobile solution that provides a visual, collaborative way to manage short-interval project schedules. With support for the Last Planner System, BIM 360 Plan helps you take advantage of your team's expertise so you can deliver projects faster with fewer costly surprises.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process that involves creating and using an intelligent 3D model to inform and communicate project decisions.

Create work sequences

Create activities and track roadblocks that can disrupt reliable production.

  • Use drop-down menus and type-head fields to quickly enter activities.
  • Reinforce Last Planner behavior with BIM 360 Plan’s built-in accountability workflow.
  • Copy repetitive work sequences from one floor to the next to save time and reduce input error.
  • Import master schedule milestones to populate your weekly work plans.

Add links between activities to show hand-offs

Add links between activities to show hand-offs

Track activities, including pending roadblocks.

The drag-and-drop interface makes updates easy

Drag-and-drop interface

Update activity durations and dates with a single click.


Review & collaborate via web & mobile

Access the current work plan—no need to wait for updates to be distributed after weekly planning meetings.

  • Sync changes in near real time between the BIM 360™ Plan iPad app and the web service, when connected.
  • Download a snapshot of your work 
plan and work offline until you're back in the trailer.
  • Manage access to the plan with role-based logins.
  • Project stakeholders can edit and manage their scope of work details independently of other users.

Upload changes from your iPad

Sync data between the cloud and iPad

Upload changes from your iPad and get the latest updates from other team members.

Notifications keep you up to date

Collaborative access for the entire project team

Project stakeholders can make edits to the work plan independently of each other.


Customize project views

Easily adjust your view to focus on specific aspects of your work plan.

  • View your work plan in List, Gantt, or Swimlane view.
  • Use filters to focus on specific locations, trades, scopes of work—whatever is critical to the project.
  • Capture project nuances by creating custom settings.
  • Customize layouts to clarify commitments.

Understand where bottlenecks may occur

Better insights

Visualize handoffs between trades to understand where bottlenecks may occur or to manage key dependencies.

Use List view to quickly update your work plan

Use List view for quick edits

Update your work plan without disrupting critical conversations or bogging down meetings.



Track & analyze performance

Automatically track your project's Planned Percent Complete (PPC) value with reports that help chart performance.

  • Use built-in reports to track key performance indicators like root causes for failed commitments.
  • Export your plan to create custom reports or initiate further analysis.
  • Give senior management status reports on the performance of a project, or a specific trade or scope of work.

View reports that highlight trends in key performance metrics

Track results to improve reliability

Better understand project performance by viewing reports that highlight trends in key performance metrics.

Share your PPC score with stakeholders to help set performance expectations

View your PPC score at any phase of the project

Share your score with the owner or relevant project stakeholders to help set performance expectations.