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ArtCAM Woodworking and 3D relief software

Woodworking and 3D relief software

ArtCAM® software is a single solution for designers, makers, and small businesses looking to create 3D reliefs and decorative woodwork.

ArtCAM features

  • Working with vectors


    Draw simple lines, circles, and text to create vectors, then use the editing tools to manipulate the shape. (video: 1:26 min.)

  • Relief creation and editing


    Import images from your desktop, edit using the tools, and add textures to your 3D relief. (video: 1:57 min.)

  • Basic toolpaths


    Machine your model with a suite of 2D toolpaths for cutting, plus v-bit carving for 3D effects. (video: 1:51 min.)

  • 3D toolpaths


    Run a machine simulation on your design, and then create your reliefs with the relief machine toolpath. (video: 1:07 min.)

What's new

  • Shared views


    Use the shared views platform to collaborate with colleagues and customers using a mobile device or tablet.

  • Vector shadows


    Designers can now create vector shadows from reliefs to produce 2D designs that look 3D.

  • Real-time reliefs


    Additional features let you instantly see the effects of your changes in the 3D view.

  • Selecting colors


    The new color wheel color and square make it easier to specify colors in specific hues, saturations, and luminosities.

Which ArtCAM product is right for you?

  • ARTCAM Free

    Download our introductory software if you are new to CAD/CAM. Learn how to design and create in 2D at your leisure. (video: 14 sec.)

  • ArtCAM standard

    Import images; draw your own design; and machine a 3D relief. Ideal for decorative woodwork projects. (video: 16 sec.)

  • ArtCAM Premium

    Includes a selection of PowerMill toolpaths for precise machining of complex designs. Ideal for engraving on a variety of materials. (video: 16 sec.)

Customer stories

ArtCAM sign making with Merlin Entertainments

ArtCAM sign making with Merlin Entertainments

See how Merlin Entertainments uses ArtCAM to speed up turnaround of projects, while simultaneously letting users become more efficient and increase volume of work.

Furniture maker Mike Barnfather customer story

Curved World Woodworks

Mike Barnfather is a long-term user of ArtCAM who qualified as a fine furniture maker 32 years ago. See how he uses ArtCAM in his day-to-day business.