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ArtCAM Free, Standard, and Premium

Compare Autodesk CAD/CAM solutions for relief creation in creative industries.

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Ideal for beginners to learn how to design a simple 2D woodwork project.

A single solution for designing and making in the woodworking industry.


Use more advanced design and machining tools to produce detailed relief.

At a glance

  • Draw vectors
  • Import images
  • Basic CNC machining

Ideal for beginners to learn how to design a simple 2D woodwork project.

Ideal for beginners to learn how to design a simple 2D woodwork project.

  • Create reliefs
  • Import 3D files
  • Access to over 250 toolpaths
  • Design complex reliefs
  • Higher resolution for more detail
  • Advanced toolpaths and machine strategies

Pay as you go for the latest desktop software with lower up-front cost, 1-on-1 web support, previous version use, and access to select cloud and software services. Learn more.



Multi-year (3 years)    

Import bitmap – bmp, jpg

Bitmap to vector

Fill vector with color

Bitmap layers

Vector editing

Vector doctor

Vector library

Create text

Vector layers


Vector cross-section

Boundary vector

Wand selection tool

Vector join

Multiple sheets

Model resolution, 2,000 x 2,000

Model resolution, 4,000 x 4,000

Import 3D models

Set shading and lighting

Editing tools

Invert relief

Emboss relief

Relief cookie cutter

Scale relief

Mirror relief

offset relief

Front and back relief

Relief library

Shape editor

Weave wizard

Relief from image

Sculpting tools

Relief on vector

Tuxture relief

Mesh creation

Ring creation

Paste relief

Texture flow


Contour tool

Constant height letters

Paste relief wrap

Assembly tool

Face wizard

Greyscale from relief

Create a dome

Remove holes

Relief information

Define area

Profile cut

Machine a vector


V-bit carving

Area clearance

Inlay wizard

Peck drilling

Texture machining

Drill banks

Toolpath templates


Custom form tools

Bevel carving

Toolpath panelling

2D machining wizard

Raised round toolpath

Smart engraving

Fluted weave

Machining wizard

Create a raster toolpath

3D printing

Z-level roughing

Cutout machining

Feature machining

Rest machining strategy

Constant Z toolpath

Flip machining

3D laser machining

Ring machining

Edit toolpath parameters


Transform toolpaths

Toolpath ordering

Batch calculate toolpaths

Merge and copy toolpaths

Cutter compensation

Use multiple tools


Final pass cut

Toolpath sequencing

Add surface links

Optimize machining

Shading and 2D view

Load/save simulation

Copy simulation to relief layer

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