Advance Steel features

Advance Steel tools drive efficient steel design and workflows, while complementary products in the AEC Collection offer enhanced analytic, automation, and model coordination when working in BIM.

Steel modeling

Parametric steel connections

Model more quickly, efficiently, and accurately with a customizable library of ready-to-use steel connections.

Stairs and cage ladders

Discover and model non-structural building elements quickly and accurately.

Sheet metal and folded plate work

Create 3D folded elements of any sheet metal shape faster.

Dynamo Extension for Advance Steel

Use Dynamo’s visual programming language to create parametrically driven geometries for complex structures.

Code-checking and design validation

Check for compliance and validate steel-connections against AISC standards.

Propagation of steel connections

Reduce tedious work and ensure accurate placement of steel connections with automated connection propagation.

Detailing and documentation


General arrangement drawings

Set drawing styles and camera defaults, and use general arrangement drawings to document and clarify design intent for onsite construction.


Steel shop drawings

Automatically generate detailed and annotated fabrication-ready drawing sets.

Numerical Control (NC) data

Generate detailed fabrication datasets to direct and drive CNC workshop machines.

Hide or show detailed parts

Isolate parts and assemblies already detailed for fabrication.

Bills of Materials

Automatically generate BOMs from modeled element data for use in spreadsheets and reporting.

Drawing update with revision

Use revision clouds to reduce time spent tracking modifications to shop drawings.


Bidirectional link with Revit

Sync model updates between Advance Steel and Revit to seamlessly track design changes and control for data loss as projects evolve.

Robot Structural Analysis interoperability

Transfer structural analysis data (including calculations) between Robot Structural Analysis and Advance Steel, and synchronize design, analysis, and detailing workflows.

Autodesk Docs interoperability

Use the compare tool in Autodesk Docs (formerly BIM 360 Docs) to track progress and assess change impacts.

AutoCAD Plant 3D interoperability

Use AutoCAD Plant 3D and Advance Steel together in the AEC Collection to connect and sync fabrication to plant design.

MIS software interoperability

Export data via KISS, XML, or IFC with MIS software.

Custom settings import

Save time by importing your custom settings when moving to new versions of Advance Steel.

Open and flexible API

Enhance and extend the use of Advance Steel with APIs for managing data, connecting to other software, and custom tools for software developers.

IFC capabilities

Import or export a 3D model to an IFC 2x3 file.

View native drawings in AutoCAD

Improve data accessibility by viewing Advance Steel drawings with object enabler.

Navisworks interoperability

Bring Advance Steel data into Navisworks for better quantification, simulation, review, and model coordination.

Shared views

Use shared views for design collaboration, and show progress to stakeholders within or outside your organization.

Attach a point cloud

Bring laser-scanned point cloud data into Advance Steel to design with snap-to functionality within the site context and existing conditions.