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The Pier 9 Shop Staff applies their expertise to help shop users learn, create, and take an active part in the future of making things. Their guidance, knowledge, and creative energy are key ingredients in making Pier 9 an empowering and inspiring environment.

  • J.D.

    Senior Creative Workshop Manager

    Expertise: Overseeing shop operations, Shop Staff, Shoparones, and users; furniture making, architecture, and fine woodworking.

  • Joy

    Workshop Coordinator /
    Test Kitchen Lead

    Expertise: Managing workshop events, tours, and activities; managing the Test Kitchen; overseeing the calendar of training classes.

  • Trent

    Workshop Operations Manager

    Expertise: Furniture making, Digital Fabrication, Architecture, and Sculpture. More stories than wikipedia.

  • Gabrielle

    3D Print Shop Lead

    Expertise: managing the 3D Print Shop, 3D printing, 3D scanners, laser cutting, 3D design, vector design, community building.

  • Josh

    Wood & Metal Shop Lead & Pier 9 Exhibit Designer

    Expertise: Cabinetry, rapid prototyping, metal fabrication, plastic fabrication, machine troubleshooting, exhibit design.

  • Mei-yen

    Shop General Lead

    Expertise: Furniture design and woodworking, Shopbot router and Objet Connex 500 3D printers, problem-solving.

  • Julie

    CNC Instructor Lead

    Expertise: CNC programming and machining, leading CNC workshops, sculpture, large-scale installation, material investigation.

  • Scott

    Workshop Instructor

    Expertise: Digital fabrication, electronics, programming (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, C++, Processing, Python), Fusion 360.

  • Mary Elizabeth

    Workshop Instructor

    Expertise: Wood and metal working, exhibit design and fabrication, music making, and teaching tools to new shop users.

  • Sean

    Workshop Instructor

    Expertise: Industrial sewing and serging, textiles, making great bike bags.

  • Josh L-B.

    Workshop Instructor

    Expertise: 3D Modeling, computational geometry creation, mechanical design, 3D printing

  • Steve

    Workshop Instructor

    Expertise: Metal and wood fabrication, manual mill and lathe, small-scale architectural design, experience design, 3D modeling, science and art, people and math.

  • David

    Workshop Instructor

    Expertise: Metalsmith, jewelry, large-scale public art, metal bending, manual mill & lathe

  • Adrien

    Workshop Instructor

    Expertise: Woodshop

  • Albert

    Workshop Instructor

    Expertise: Sculpting, casting and fabricating bronze, steel and stainless steel, laser cutting, Omax waterjet cutter and Fortus 3D printers.

  • Jon

    Workshop Instructor

    Expertise: Carbon fiber and fiberglass fabrication and repair, vacuum forming, metal forming and shaping.

  • Claude

    Workshop Instructor

    Expertise: 3D printing, specializing in Objet Connex 500 3D Printer, Mcor IRIS 3D Printer and Zcor 3D printer; laser cutting.

  • TBD

    CNC Shop Lead


The Creative Programs staff develops projects, programs and activities that encourage creativity, showcase innovation, and engage the Pier 9 community, Autodesk teams and partners, and the wider world.

  • Noah

    Senior Creative Programs Manager

    I founded, and now direct, the Artist in Residence Program and Workshop at Autodesk's Pier 9. 

  • Vanessa

    Pier 9 Residency Program Manager

    I run the Artists in Residence Program at Pier 9, from reviewing applicants to facilitating our artists' residency projects.

  • Sherry

    Pier 9 Project Manager

    I manage and create programming for Pier 9 residency programs and our public programming and work on special projects.

  • Charlie

    Pier 9 Digital Storyteller

    I craft stories, through films and photography, which highlight the amazing work and people of Pier 9.

  • Kim

    Marketing Lead

    I translate the unique work that happens in our global workshops into stories and experiences the world can relate to.

  • Chloe

    Pier 9 Residency Program Specialist

    I support the Artists in Residence program from the administrative and finance aspects to maintaining the website.

  • Jacob

    Pier 9 Ambassador

    I show Autodesk employees, clients, and special guests what's behind the curtain at Pier 9.

  • Blue

    Assistant Pier 9 Digital Storyteller

    As a videographer and photographer, I help to show the world what’s going on at Pier 9.

  • Rick

    Pier 9 Ambassador

    I help document and pass on the story of Pier 9 to Autodesk guests and partners.


Pier 9 is more than a collection of high-end tools – it’s a community of creative people focused on learning, exploration, and experience. Sharing our creative processes, experiments, techniques, and problem-solving ideas is a critical part of the Pier 9 experience. We’re excited to show our work, our skills, and our passion to the world through our Artists in Residence website, our Instructables, and our videos.

  • The Martin Jointer and Planer combo set a sparkle in my eye.

    Mei Yen
    Shop Assistant

  • What is unique about Pier 9 is that it brings together under one roof creative artists, software developers and technicians. You don't have to leave the building to make amazing things.


  • I love the vinyl printer and the lasercutters for their instant satisfaction, the DMS 5-axis router for being sculptural, and all fine woodworking handtools for their legacy of precision.

    Workshop Manager

  • Working at the Pier is an opportunity to play a part in building something amazing almost every day. The diversity of people, projects, and ideas is inspiring and a little bit humbling.


  • My life wouldn't be complete without a TIG welder, tube bender, and ‘Elizabeth Taylor’ – the OMAX Waterjet, the diva of the workshop.

    Sean C.
    Workshop Instructor

  • I love P9! It's the best workshop in the world, IMO. All the tools, and creative potential, and friendly, super-helpful shop staff – it's like heaven on earth!


  • I like robotics and figuring out how things work. My favorite machine is the Mori Seiki NT1000SZM.

    CNC Shop Lead

  • The community that surrounds the workshop is incredibly special and unique. The combined knowledge and creative energy that each and every person involved contributes is incredible to experience and be a part of.


  • I joined Instructables in 2006 and have been helping people share what they make ever since.

    Senior Creative Programs Manager

  • Pier 9 has so much going on, so many interesting things happening at all times, that time-management is one of the most important skills while working there. Shop staff is incredibly helpful, open, and this combined with the state of the art tools makes Pier 9 a one-of-a-kind place.


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