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General public

  • What’s the purpose of the Pier 9 workshop?
    The 35,000-square-foot Pier 9 facility was developed by Autodesk to house a state-of-the-art digital fabrication workshop to explore the interface between software and hardware – an intersection that is transforming the way that people design and make things. Pier 9 is a place to push the limits of our software and hardware tools, showcase innovative projects, and create an environment that fosters experimentation and learning.
  • Can I visit Pier 9? Do you offer events I can attend?
    Members of the public can visit Pier 9 during public events – view our News & Updates to learn about our activities, including occasional public events.
  • How can I get a tour of the Pier 9 workshop?
    Pier 9 is not able to offer tours to the general public. Tours are only available to guests of Autodesk employees who have qualified for workshop access.
  • Can I use the workshop or take classes there?
    The workshop facilities and classes at Pier 9 are available to Autodesk employees, partners, and Pier 9 Residents. Although the facilities themselves are not open to the general public, we enjoy sharing our work as broadly as possible through our videos and Instructables.
  • Can I book Pier 9 for an event?
    The Pier 9 workshop is a working industrial fabrication facility, and does not host private events.


  • Why did Autodesk create the Pier 9 workshop?
    The Pier 9 workshop supports Autodesk’s vision of helping everyone imagine, design and create a better world, by providing facilities to research and develop software, tools, apps, communities and advanced workflows for manufacturing, life sciences, fabrication, and digital art. It provides our teams with hands-on opportunities to explore the interface between software and hardware, demonstrate and showcase new innovations, and transform the way people design and make things.
  • How can I request a tour of the workshop?
    Members of the media may request a tour of the Pier 9 workshop through the Autodesk PR team. Our PR team may ask for additional information about your specific areas of interest prior to scheduling a tour. Tours of Pier 9 are led by trained and approved tour guides, and must be hosted and scheduled by an Autodesk employee.
  • How can I get more background information on Pier 9?
    Contact for background information. A media kit will be available for download later in 2015.
  • Can I film at Pier 9?
    The Pier 9 workshop is a working industrial fabrication facility with loud machinery in operation. It is not a suitable backdrop for commercial video shoots. If you want to film footage for a media story about Pier 9, contact our PR team to make your shoot request.

Employees & workshop users

  • I’m an Autodesk employee, how can I take a tour of Pier 9?

    Autodesk employees should submit a Pier 9 Tour Request to either join a scheduled tour or add a custom tour to the workshop calendar. Any employee who has taken the General Workshop Safety Training class at the Pier is able to lead guests through the workshops.

    Basic Tour Guidelines

    • Pier 9 is not open to the public and non-employee guests must have an employee sponsor
    • Tour groups are responsible for arranging an approved tour guide.
    • Tour groups that exceed 20 attendees must be split into multiple groups, each with their own tour guide.
    • All tour attendees must wear closed-toed shoes and safety glasses inside the workshop at all times.
    • A typical tour takes 45 to 60 minutes.
    • All tour participants are required to sign a waiver during check-in at the reception desk at Pier 9.
    • Guests between the 13-18 years old must have waiver signed by a parent/legal guardian. Guests under 13 years of ages are not allowed on tours that enter workshop spaces.
    • There is no photography allowed within the Pier 9 offices.
  • Can an Autodesk employee host an event at Pier 9?
    The Pier 9 workshop is a working industrial fabrication facility, and cannot host private events. We do not have a formal event space to be reserved. We recommend that you schedule a workshop tour for your business partners and teams and use Autodesk event spaces to host meetings.
  • How do Autodesk employees become workshop users?
    Autodesk employees, artists in residence and creative projects partners are eligible to use the Pier 9 Workshop. Complete the General Workshop Safety Training to gain badge access to the workshop, sign up for individual machine training courses, or lead workshop tours.
  • How do I get access to the commercial test kitchen at Pier 9?
    After completing the General Workshop Safety Training class, you may complete Pier 9 Test Kitchen Training to access the commercial test kitchen.
  • How do I sign up for a class at Pier 9?
    If you are an Autodesk employee, Artist in Residence, or creative projects partner, you can sign up for workshop classes through the Autodesk Employee Learning Center (ELC). The prerequisite for all Pier 9 classes is completion of the General Workshop Safety Training class.
  • What are the shop rules and hours?
    View the workshop Rules and Hours to find the ground rules of the Pier 9 workshop, hours of operation, and other shop logistics.
  • What machines does the Pier 9 Workshop have?
    Our workshop includes the 3D Print Shop, CNC Machine Shop, Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Textiles Shop, Electronics Lab, and Test Kitchen. We’ve equipped the Pier 9 workshop with traditional machinery as well as high-end production level machines. We encourage you to check out our Machine Catalog to learn more about our workshop.
  • I’m a shop user, how do I find out which chemicals are approved for use at Pier 9?
    Review the Pier 9 Approved Chemical List before bringing any chemicals, liquids, paints, or solvents to the Pier. You may submit a new product for review through the New Chemical Approval Form.
  • I’d like to film something at Pier 9, is that possible?
    Because we are an industrial fabrication facility, it is difficult for us to accommodate film crews. Equipment such as bright lights, tripods, and extension cords present serious safety risks in the machine environment. Our dust collection and exhaust systems make audio recordings very challenging and there are limited hours during which a crew might reasonably film without disrupting our operations. Any request to film should be submitted to the Shop Management well in advance of the filming date for review.