Autodesk and Schneider Electric

Partners for a more sustainable world

Autodesk, a leading provider of BIM software, has partnered with Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy management to enable electrical design professionals to make major decisions earlier in the project lifecycle and influence the overall building design with sustainable energy systems in mind.


“Our strategic alliance delivers solutions that help electrical professionals design more energy efficient buildings. We’re adding deep engineering knowledge to our existing BIM-based workflows, providing greater value to our customers and helping solve global energy challenges for a more sustainable future.”

Steve Butler, Sr. Manager, MEP Industry Strategy, Autodesk, Inc.

Schneider Electric

“Our alliance leverages Schneider Electric’s global engineering and sustainability expertise to develop Advanced Electrical Design™ for Autodesk® Revit®.  Enabling electrical engineers to play a leading role in designing high performance buildings for Electricity 4.0, in the new energy landscape.”

Daniel Stonecipher, Vice President, Chief Product Officer, Schneider Electric

What customers have to say

Gresham Smith

Advance more efficient electrical design workflows

“I can focus 80% on what really matters for the design and not waste time on the little things.”


April Kane, Electrical Designer, Gresham Smith


Optimize processes through workflow automation

“Workflow automations are critical for our success, now we can analyze the design before we spend time to model it.”


Chris Williams, US West Director of BIM & Digital Technology, AECOM



Streamline design solutions through automation

“We need consistent content and data standards. Advanced electrical design provides an environment tied to that.”


Charles Whiteley lll, Vice President – Global Digital Leader, B + P, AECOM


Watch the trailer (video: 1:33 min)

Working together for a more sustainable energy future

This video trailer provides a glimpse into what our partnership brings to customers and how the movement towards electricity 4.0 can help establish more sustainable energy landscapes.

Listen to the full conversation between Steve Butler and Daniel Stonecipher and get a deeper understanding of the vision for our alliance. Discover how we are bringing enhanced electrical design and analysis capabilities to Revit and how design professionals can now make key decisions earlier, enabling them to play a more strategic role in advancing sustainable electrical designs for building projects.

Advanced Electrical Design for Revit

In partnership between Autodesk® and Schneider Electric®, Advanced Electrical Design™ for Autodesk® Revit® was developed to enable electrical engineers to plan, analyze, optimize and document electrical designs in one place.

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Advanced Electrical Design enables electrical engineers to better support emerging industry demands and the evolving energy landscape.

Visit the BIM Electric web site to learn more.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why did Autodesk & Schneider Electric form a strategic alliance?

The electrification of buildings can help to significantly reduce carbon emissions. And the increased efficiencies gained provide for reduced costs and can improve indoor air quality and enhance safety. The alliance between Autodesk and Schneider Electric seeks to enable electrical design professionals to play an active role in this effort by delivering BIM-based electrical design and analysis tools, enabling them to make major decisions in the earlier stages and influence the overall building design with sustainable energy systems in mind.

What is Electricity 4.0?

Electricity 4.0, the future of the energy sector, is the leading solution to build an electrical and digital world. It is a movement towards analyzing electrical distribution systems and the new energy landscape at earlier stages to optimize for energy efficiency and empower the electricity system to be greener and smarter. Through the alliance with Autodesk, Schneider Electric aims to enable electricity to play a more important role in influencing overall building design for more sustainability, resiliency, and efficiency.

How are Autodesk and Schneider Electric partnering up to enable the new energy landscape?

The partnership between Autodesk and Schneider Electric allows the delivery of tools to enable electrical design professionals to make distributed energy systems and resources a key component of their design and analysis of building projects.

Is Revit used for electrical engineering?

Yes, Revit is the BIM software for architects, structural engineers, and MEP engineers. Revit’s capabilities for electrical design have been enhanced with the partnership between Autodesk and Schneider Electric. Based on that partnership, Schneider Electric has produced Advanced Electrical Design for Autodesk Revit. This extension for Revit enables building electrical system designers to analyze the total demand loads of each subsection of an electrical system in various scenarios to optimize energy design and ensure proper equipment sizing. It helps users plan, analyze, optimize, and document electrical plans in a single place, keeping diagrams coordinated with the architectural model throughout the building process.

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