Edit The Project Drawing List (7:16 min)

Project: Edit the Project Drawing List

Prerequisites: Completion of the Project Drawing List Lesson.

Objective: In this exercise, you add, remove, and replace drawings from a project drawing list, create a new drawing, and edit a drawing's properties.




1:  If the Project Manager is not displayed, on the Project tab, Project Tools panel, click Manager.



2:  In the Project Manager, click Open Project.


3:  Browse to where you installed the project exercise files. Select Project_Drawing_List_NFPA.wdp from the Project Basics folder then click Open.


4:  In the Project Manager, right-click Project_Drawing_List_NFPA. Click Add Drawings.


5:  In the Select Files to Add dialog box, from the Project Basics folder, select New_Project_NFPA_01 through New_Project_NFPA_04 then click Add.


6:  In the Apply Project Defaults to Drawing Settings dialog box, click No.


7:  In the Project Manager, double-click the Project_Drawing_List_NFPA project name to expand the drawing list


8:  Right-click New_Project_NFPA_04.dwg. Click Remove. In the Project Manager > Remove Files dialog box, click Yes.


9:  Right-click New_Project_NFPA_02.dwg. Click Replace.


10:  In the Select Project File dialog box, select New_Project_NFPA_04.dwg to replace New_Project_NFPA_02.dwg. Click Select.


11:  In the Apply Project Defaults to Drawing Settings dialog box, click No.


12:  Right-click New_Project_NFPA_01.dwg. Click Properties > Drawing Properties.


13:  In the Drawing Properties dialog box, Drawing Settings tab, for Description 1, type 3 Phase Motors. Click OK.



14:  Right-click New_Project_NFPA_04.dwg. Click Properties > Drawing Properties.


15:  In the Drawing Properties dialog box, Drawing Settings tab, for Description 1, type Panel Layout. Click OK.


16:  Right-click New_Project_NFPA_03.dwg. Click Properties > Drawing Properties.


17:  In the Drawing Properties dialog box, Drawing Settings tab, for Description 1, type Pallet Sensors. Click OK.


18:  From the Project Manager toolbar, click Drawing List Display Configuration.


19:  In the Drawing List Display Configuration dialog box, under Display Options, select Drawing Description 1.


Click the double right arrows (>>) to add the Drawing Description 1 box to the Current Display Order list.



20:  Repeat the previous step with Drawing Description 2 and Drawing Description 3.



21:  Click OK.
Note: Expand the Project Manager Palette to see the descriptions lines if necessary.


22:  From the Project Manager toolbar, click New Drawing.


23:  In the Create New Drawing dialog box, for Name, type New Project Drawing


24:  For Template, click Browse. In the Select Template dialog box, select ACAD_ELECTRICAL.dwt. Click Open.



25:  In the Create New Drawing dialog box, for Description 1, type This is a New Drawing.



26:  Click OK.