30 min.

Use Navisworks for 3D coordination to reduce rework and project costs

Module overview

Using models that have been aggregated into a single Navisworks model gives you the opportunity to identify places where disciplines overlap early in the project before construction has started without using the cloud. This can save time, money, and frustration as you update your models with greater accuracy before construction documents are sent to the field. In this module, you learn how to use Navisworks to review models and coordinate clashes early to reduce rework without needing the cloud.

This module takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. By the end of the module, you should be able to: 

  • Set up an initial clash test in Navisworks 
  • Group clashes in Clash Detective
  • Assign and report clashes to others for modification

Before you start

Module downloads

These downloadable resources will be used to complete units in this module:

Module outline

  • Introduction