Explore, Review and Markup CAD Data

The key to the success of any learning is its immediate application. In fact, 80% of learning outcomes is developed through practice. So let's spend 3 minutes to actually access Fusion Team and see how it works. Use the previous demonstration video if the steps below aren't detailed enough.

1. Access Fusion Team via Autodesk Account and its manage page, if you haven't already. The setup process is described in the previous course.

2. Upload any assembly (e.g. Inventor Sample files or Tutorials) to Fusion Team and start exploring the functionality available to you in view mode.

3. Open any assembly, rotate, view it, and check its BOM.

4. Try exploded view command to see the structure of the assembly.

5. Use measure command to check distances between elements of the assembly.

6. Apply section view command to see what's inside the assembly. Note how it transforms into a hatch mode, as soon as the section plane comes through the middle of cylindrical objects.

7. Use Markup tool and chat to test the collaboration functionality.

We keep the instructions brief intentionally to give you more space to practice, but if you need more guidance, feel free to return to the previous video and watch how the tools work.