Searching for Items in Upchain

In this lesson, we’ll walk you through the different ways in which you can search for an item, then insert it into your design, and resolve any resulting cBOM/eBOM anomalies. 

This will become a common task, especially if your tenant has a project of standard parts.

Searching for items

In this video, we’ll show you how to use Quick Search and Advanced Search to find specific assemblies and components, and how you can then insert a search result into your cBOM.

Key takeaways

  1. You can use the search functions in the CAD plugin to find items that already exist in Upchain for reuse in your assembly, all without leaving your CAD system.
  2. Quick search searches for items by item name, number, or description.
  3. Advanced Search allows you to search for items or files by their attributes, and specify additional search criteria including project, customer, manufacturer, division, eBOM and Change request attributes to narrow down your search.
  4. Both search types search across all projects to which you have access.
  5. You may save your search criteria to make it easy to perform similar searches in the future.