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Success Plan: Computational and Generative Design for Civil

Course overview

The ability to develop automation for design in a visual scripting environment that allows you to analyze, understand, create, and apply design logic.

  • Can you use automation to create geometry, plus add and extract data from models?
  • Do you need to define the rules behind the automation, forming advanced and complex geometry and working with additional toolkits and packages?
  • Do you need to standardize processes for wider use? Can you perform a large-scale audit of processes and visual scripting adoption to improve design quality, with the added ability of using automation to optimize the rules behind the design?
  • Do your practices, outcomes, and insights allow  for targeted process refinement? Are you able to work through complex computational design issues with high level of inter-dependency of data?
  • Do you need your computational BIM developments to be targeted for defining state of the art practices and maximizing impact of business outcomes and values? Can your computational BIM redefine project strategy and lay the foundation for innovation in generative design and AI/Machine learning capabilities?

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